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Legal note and privacy policy

1. User responsibilities regarding use of content

Access to the website and the manner in which its information and contents are used will be the sole responsibility of the user. Therefore, any use of the website's information, images and/or contents will be subject to the applicable national and international laws and to the principles of good faith and legitimate use on the part of the user, who will be fully responsible for accessing and using the website in the correct manner. Users are obliged to make reasonable use of the services and contents in good faith and in compliance with the current legislation. Cadfluid Solutions does not accept any direct or indirect responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from the use of services or contents by users or third parties.

2. Name, address and tax identification number is an internet domain belonging to the Fundació URV, which is located at Carrer de l’Escorxador, s/n., postal code 43003, Tarragona, Spain, and which holds tax identification number G43581321. The objective of Cadfluid Solutions is to present its services by means of this website.

3. Definition of User

By using this website, the individual becomes a user and accepts fully and without reservation each and every provision included in the version of the present Legal Note that is published by Cadfluid Solutions at the time when the user accesses the website. Consequently, every time they use the website users must read the present Legal Note carefully because it may has been modified.

4. Access to and visiting the website

The Cadfluid Solutions website is free to access; however, users must first register or subscribe in order to access its contents.

5. Correct use of the website

You agree to use the website and its contents and services in accordance with the law, the present conditions and in a manner that is considerate and respects public order. You also agree not to use the website and its contents and services for purposes that are illegal, that go against these conditions, that harm the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may damage, incapacitate, overload or harm the website and/or its contents and/or its services or impede its use or enjoyment by other people.

You will not handle the identifying data of Cadfluid Solutions that can be found on the website You will not interfere with the technical measures intended to protect the website's contents and information or the general configuration of the website

6. Information on the links

Cadfluid Solutions is not responsible for external websites that may be accessed via links from its own website or for any content made available by third parties. The user accepts full responsibility for any risks entailed in the use of links or external websites. Cadfluid Solutions does not recommend or guarantee the validity of any information obtained via an external link on the Cadfluid Solutions website. Cadfluid Solutions is not responsible for any loss, claim or damage resulting from the use of a link or of any information obtained through this link, including other links or websites. Cadfluid Solutions is not responsible for any interruption to service or access to the website or for any attempt to use a link either when connecting to the Cadfluid Solutions website or when accessing information from other websites via the Cadfluid Solutions website.

7. Disclaimer and limitation of responsibility

The information and services included in or available on the website may include inaccuracies or spelling mistakes. Changes may be made periodically to the information on the website. At any time, Cadfluid Solutions may make improvements and/or changes to services or contents. Cadfluid Solutions has obtained the information and materials on its website from sources that are considered reliable; however, although measures have been taken to ensure that the information is correct, Cadfluid Solutions does not guarantee that it is accurate, up to date and complete.

8. Information on the exemption from all responsibility resulting from a technical fault or a problem with content

Cadfluid Solutions accepts no responsibility whatsoever in the event that the services or content offered on the Internet malfunction or are interrupted, whatever the cause. Likewise, Cadfluid Solutions accepts no responsibility for network outages, for any business lost as a result of these outages, for temporary electrical failures or for any other type of indirect damage that its users may suffer due to causes that are external to Cadfluid Solutions.

Cadfluid Solutions does not declare or guarantee that its services or contents won't be interrupted or will be free of errors, that any defects have been corrected, or that its service and server are free of viruses, although Cadfluid Solutions will make every effort to prevent any such incidents from occurring. If the user takes decisions or carries out activities on the basis of the information on any of the websites, Cadfluid Solutions recommends that the user checks this information with other sources, although Cadfluid Solutions won't accept any responsibility for ensuring that the user does so.

9. Industrial and intellectual property

The content offered by Cadfluid Solutions and the content available online via its website constitute a work in the terms defined by the legislation on intellectual property and are consequently protected by the applicable international laws and agreements.

It is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, transform, make available or publicly exploit in any other manner the website or its content and information without the prior written consent of Cadfluid Solutions.

Consequently, all content shown on the different websites and in particular any designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, tabs, software, commercial names, brands, industrial drawings or any other symbol that can be used for industrial or commercial purposes are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of Cadfluid Solutions or by those of third parties whose inclusion on the website has been duly authorised.

The content, images, forms, opinions, indices and any other formal expressions that form part of the website and the software required to operate the website are subject to copyright and are thus protected by the international agreements and national legislation applicable to intellectual property.

Users of the services or contents are prohibited from exploiting or directly or indirectly profiting either partially or totally from any of the contents, images, forms, indexes or other expressions that form part of the website without prior written permission from Cadfluid Solutions.

Cadfluid Solutions may limit access to the website and to the products and/or services offered on it and to the publication of opinions, observations, images or comments that users may make via email.

The appropriate use of Cadfluid Solutions' website is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user. Nevertheless, if it deems it necessary, Cadfluid Solutions may establish filters on its website to prevent the online publication of content or opinions considered racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic or defamatory or that in any way promote violence or the dissemination of clearly illicit or harmful content.

Users can send observations, opinions or comments via email to the suggestions section of the Cadfluid Solutions website. Unless users expressly and unambiguously state to the contrary, users authorise Cadfluid Solutions to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, transmit, retransmit, broadcast in any format, store, digitalise, make available via databases belonging to Cadfluid Solutions, translate, adapt, arrange or transform in any other manner any suggestions, observations, opinions or comments sent by users via email to Cadfluid Solutions' website. Users will not make any attempt to profit at the expense of Cadfluid Solutions.

In accordance with the previous paragraph, Cadfluid Solutions is also authorised to modify or alter any observations, opinions or comments to adapt them to the editorial requirements of the website. Users agree that any modifications or alterations made by Cadfluid Solutions to their observations, opinions or comments do not constitute under any circumstances or in any manner an infringement of their copyright.

It is prohibited to use any technological application or device that would enable a third party to benefit directly or indirectly, either for or not for profit, from any of the content, information or formal aspects of the Cadfluid Solutions website or from Cadfluid Solutions' operation of the website. Specifically, it is prohibited to create any link, hyperlink, frame or similar connection to the Cadfluid Solutions website without the prior written consent of Cadfluid Solutions. Any infringement of this restriction will be regarded as an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Cadfluid Solutions.

Cadfluid Solutions accepts no responsibility for the consequences resulting from the aforementioned actions. Likewise, Cadfluid Solutions accepts no responsibility regarding third-party content, services, products, etc. that may be accessed directly or via banners, links, hyperlinks, frames or similar connections from the Cadfluid Solutions website.

10. Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file stored on the user's internet device that allows us to recognise it. Cookies help us to improve the quality of our website by monitoring which webpages our users find most and least useful.

Cookies are essential in enabling the internet to function; they provide countless improvements to interactive services and make it much easier for you to consult and use our website. Cookies cannot harm your device. They help us to identify and resolve errors.
The following information will help you to understand the different types of cookie:

  • Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that are temporarily stored your computer while you are browsing the internet and until you close down the session. This means that they are never stored on your hard drive. The information obtained by these cookies is used to analyse website traffic. Over a period of time, this enables us to provide a better experience by improving content and making it easier to use.
  • Permanent cookies: These cookies are stored on the hard drive and are read by our website every time you visit it. A permanent cookie has a certain expiry date. The cookie will cease to function after this date. We generally use these cookies to provide purchasing and registration services.
  • Multi-purpose cookies: A cookie can be used for various purposes, which means that it may be exempt from the need to obtain consent only if each and every one of the purposes for which it is used is individually exempt from the need to obtain consent.

At any time users can prevent cookies from being generated by selecting the corresponding option on their browser. However, deactivating cookies may make a website more difficult to browse; therefore, if a user chooses to deactivate cookies on their device, Cadfluid Solutions will not be responsible for any difficulties that may arise in terms its website's performance.

Examples of cookie configurations on different browsers:

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We inform you that Cadfluid Solutions does not use any type of cookie for handling personal data that can be used to identify individuals.

We warn you that you will be providing your consent for us to install cookies on your device if, after you have read this information, you continue to use our website without adjusting the settings on your browser to prevent it from installing cookies on your device, under the terms of article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, according to the version of this article given by Royal Decree 13/2012, of March 30th, which applies the directives relating to internal electricity and gas markets and the electronic communications industry.

11. Law and jurisdiction

The present conditions and any relationship between you and Cadfluid Solutions are regulated by Spanish legislation. For any legal issue between you and Cadfluid Solutions resulting from the existence or content of these conditions or from your use of Cadfluid Solutions' website, both parties will submit to the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the Courts of the city of Tarragona, and both parties expressly renounce any other privilege to which they may be entitled.

12. Privacy policy

Cadfluid Solutions is located at Carrer de l’Escorxador, s/n., postal code 43003, Tarragona, holds tax identification number G43581321 and is registered in the Companies Register, in compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, on the protection of personal data (LOPD). Cadfluid Solutions informs you that the data provided by you via the form on the website will be held in an electronic file for the purposes of enabling access to the website's content.

By completing and sending the Cadfluid Solutions form, you give Cadfluid solutions your unreserved consent to handle your data for the aforementioned purpose. However, in accordance with article 6 of the LOPD, you can withdraw your consent for the handling of your data by making a formal request in which you give your reasons. You can exercise this right by sending a letter containing the reference “LOPD CADFLUID SOLUTIONS” to Cadfluid Solutions, Carrer de l’Escorxador, s/n., 43003, Tarragona. Consent is not retroactive. In both cases, you must provide your identity document.

Cadfluid Solutions agrees to handle all personal data with complete confidentiality and in accordance with all the security measures established by the Law to prevent any unauthorised access or use of the data. Notwithstanding this, Cadfluid Solutions may provide the competent Public Authorities with personal data and any other information in its possession via its computer systems if it is required to do so and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and regulations. The data provided will not be used for any purposes other than those that are specified in the present Privacy Policy.

In accordance with article 5 of the LOPD, Cadfluid Solutions informs you that you are under no obligation to answer the questions on the website form and that at any time you can exercise your right to access, rectify, remove and/or oppose the handling of your personal data. If you choose to do this, you must send your request, containing the reference “LOPD CADFLUID SOLUTIONS”, to the individual responsible for the file at the address Cadfluid Solutions, Carrer de l’Escorxador, s/n., 43003, Tarragona. In both cases, you must provide your identity document. If you do not want your data to be stored on the Cadfluid Solutions database, you must indicate this when you complete the form with your personal data.

In accordance with article 5 of Law 25/2007, of October 18th, on the storage of data relating to electronic communications and public communications networks, Cadfluid Solutions will keep all communications for a maximum period of twelve months from the day on which they were generated. According to the regulations and with prior consultation with the operators, the period for storing certain data or categories of data may be extended to a maximum of two years or reduced to a minimum of six months, depending on the cost of storage and the importance of the data for the purposes of investigating, detecting and bringing to trial a serious crime.

The stipulations in the previous section apply notwithstanding article 16.3 of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, on the Protection of Personal Data, regarding the obligation to save data that has been blocked under any of the legal circumstances relating to removal. In accordance with article 21 of Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that Cadfluid Solutions will not send emails intended for the purposes of marketing that have not been authorised by the recipients. If Cadfluid Solutions sends emails for the purposes of marketing, the word "Promotion" or similar will appear at the start of the message.